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We offer JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) extractions for supported phone models. The JTAG process involves disassembling the phone and soldering wires directly to TAPs on the phone’s circuit board. Not all digital forensic firms offer this service since it requires that examiners have electronic skills as well as specialized training. After making a physical image of the phone’s data, the wires are removed and then the handset is reassembled and restored to its original state.

Instances where JTAG extractions are commonly deployed include mobile devices that are locked with an unknown password with USB debugging turned off, prepaid/burner phones such as tracfone handsets where the vendor has disabled the data port in order to sell data access to the consumer as an additional service, and broken or damaged devices which cannot be accessed using traditional forensic means.

Those looking to outsource their JTAG work can now do so at an affordable rate. For a flat fee Deadbolt Forensics® will provide a physical image of supported phones. The service is risk free with no charge if JTAG cannot be successfully performed on the particular handset model and PCB revision. The cost of shipping and the storage media for the image are not included in this price. Please note that JTAG typically takes several days to acquire an image on modern handsets since transfer rates can be as low as several KiB/sec which translates to over 30hrs for a 32GiB device.