“Michael’s work was key to our winning a $26,000,000 settlement.” - Daniel W Munley, Past Chair AAJ Trucking Litigation Group, Board certified Truck Accident Lawyer

“After the last two forensic companies couldn’t find anything, we went to Michael and he recovered all of the deleted files from the storage drive at issue in our case.” - Joanna Perini-Abbott, Angeli Law Group LLC

“Thanks to Michael’s work, my client had all charges dismissed in a federal child porn case.” - Robert Stone, Attorney at Law

“In our case, the opposing party had dozens of text messages that were incredibly damaging to our case, which we believed to have been altered and misleadingly edited. Thanks to Michael Yasumoto’s testimony, we were able to persuade the jury that the text messages were unreliable evidence.” - Neil Anderson, Vancouver Defenders

“Michael makes complicated computer forensics easy to understand so you can explain the evidence to your client and the court.” - Allen Clendaniel, Sedor Wendlandt Evans & Filippi